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BBQ Branding Iron

Show the world who that piece of meat belongs to!

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As putting stickers with your name on your meat is gross we recommend you use BBQ Branding!

You will need to deal with thousands of things during a BBQ. Moving from left to right like a mad man, flipping burgers and keeping an eye on how done the steaks are. But how will you remember which steak is for which person?

Imagine a label maker playing a prominent role during your BBQ... Ridiculous right? It's unhygienic too. This is why we recommend you invest in the BBQ Branding Iron. Surprise your guests with a fun message on their meat. Or demonstrate you cooking skills by perfectly cooking their steak. The Set includes a branding iron with no less than 80 interchangeable letters!

More Info

  • 80 interchangeable letters, 8 spaces
  • High quality stainless steel with a wooden handle
  • Create sentences of up to 20 letters (over 2 lines)
  • Length approximately 18.5 inches
Set contains the following letter combinations
  • 4xA
  • 3xB
  • 3xC
  • 4xD
  • 4xE
  • 3xF
  • 3xG
  • 4xH
  • 4xI
  • 2xJ
  • 3xK
  • 3xL
  • 3xM
  • 4xN
  • 3xO
  • 2xP
  • 2xQ
  • 4xR
  • 4xS
  • 4xT
  • 4xU
  • 2xV
  • 2xW
  • 2xX
  • 2xY
  • 2xZ
Good quality branding Iron - makes (most) man's eyes glow ;o))