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Baby Dino Candle

Light always finds a way!

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A wisdom from a popular TV show goes: "Fire cannot kill the dragon". As is shown by this wax candle! While the wax is melting, the candle slowly reveals a baby dinosaur. A velociraptor, to be precise. You're probably not allowed to keep the grown-up version as a pet, but as a baby, they're really cute.

You've of course noticed that this gadget is based on a well-known movie, where we see a baby raptor crawl out of an egg in one of the opening scenes. Light finds a way! To your living room, for example, where the cosy candle glow projects shadows across the wall. And what remains in the end is the silhouette of your very own velociraptor!

More Info

  • Wax candle in the shape of a dinosaur egg
  • When the candle melts, it reveals a porcelain baby raptor
  • Odourless candle
  • Burning time: approx. 15 hours
  • You can keep the porcelain figurine afterwards
  • Be warned: the velociraptor will think that you're its mommy
Dimensions: 14cm(L) × 14cm(W) × 15.8cm(H)