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Handbag Hanger

Keeping your handbag close at all times!

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Gone are the days of putting your handbag down on a dirty surface!

What should you do with your handbag when you visit a café or a restaurant? This is a question women have been asking themselves for centuries! If you put it on the ground it will get dirty and there's a chance the waitress will trip over it. Put it on the table and it's bound to be in the way. Plus you might spill food or drink on it.

The Handbag Hook will put an end to this female dilemma! You can now hang your bag from the table or the bar. Unfold the hook and hang it on the edge of the table or bar. Hang your bag on the hook and you're done. Your bag will suspended between the table (or bar) and the floor. This means that your bag will remain clean and that you can always reach it. The anti-slip coating on the handbag hook means the bag will not slip off the hook.

The handbag hanger can carry up to 4.5 kilos. This means you do not have to empty your bag before use.

More Info

  • Material: Zinc alloy
Available in the following colours:
  • White
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Black
  • Blue