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Hanggo (set of 6)

Hang 1001 decorations quickly and easily.

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Paper streamers are usually hung on fixed points in a room, such as window frames and curtain rails. This is often a lot of hassle: the Scotch tape won't stick, thumbtacks ruin the wall, and the streamers are always either just too short or too long. The Hanggo will solve all these issues: this unique hook clamps itself in any spot between the wall and ceiling, or in a corner. Without glue, tape, or thumbtacks! You can install a Hanggo in a second, they are easy to remove, and won't leave a trace. Create additional mounting points in your house in seconds. Convenient for more than streamers alone.

1001 applications
A Hanggo is very suitable for hanging temporary decorations, picture frames, small paintings, drawings your (grand)children made, your own creations, dry flowers, the list goes on.

More Info

  • Easy and quick hanging system.
  • Leaves 4 tiny holes after use. These are invisible unless you come really close.
  • Best performance on wallpaper, plaster, wood, etc.
  • Lesser performance on harder surfaces such as concrete, tiles, hardwood and plastics.
  • Every Hanggo can carry up to 2 kg
  • Comes in a set of 6
This is how it works:
  • Squeeze the Hanggo together as far as possible.
  • Push the Hanggo into a square angle.
  • Let go of the Hanggo to have the small pins attach themselves to the wall.
  • Attach the decorations.

Remove the Hanggo by squeezing it until the small pins are fully out of the wall.

Dimensions: 8cm(L) × 5cm(W) × 1.7cm(H)