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Take A Break Emergency Food Tin

When things look dire, the Emergency Food Tin comes to the rescue!

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Who says an acute bout of hunger is not an emergency? Testimonies from millions of women taught us that these bouts can feel like a wild animal attacking your stomach. And this feral creature will persist until you give it a cookie! If a tiger were to attack you and you could tempt it with a cookie, wouldn't you do it? Yes? That's what we thought!

That is why we offer the Take A Break Emergency Food Tin! Its look matches its function perfectly! An emergency alarm for an Acute Hunger Situation! Have one at home, at the office and/or in your car. That way, you will always have an emergency supply within reach!

More Info

  • Emergency Food Tin
  • For all your favourite snacks
  • You can also use it as a lunch box
  • Not suitable for microwave oven or dish washer
  • The cookies pictured are not included (cue sad trombone)
Dimensions: 20cm(L) × 15.5cm(W) × 7.5cm(H)