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VW Camper Van Tent

Experience your own "Summer of Love"!

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Not available anymore in 2018

Do you love music, Mother Nature and mud? Or are you just a "wild child" from the 60's? If so, chances are we'll find you at one of those wonderful (European) campsites this summer. But why should you go for a boring, conventional tent if you can have a HippyHappy VW Camper Van Tent?

Re-live the wild 60's with this exact replica of the Volkswagen Transporter T1. This indisputable icon will be the talk of the campsite. The tent has been modelled to a scale of (1: 1) and therefore has the exact same size as the real 1965 VW Camper Van. The Camper van transports four people at once. In the good old Flower Power Days it was popular with HIPpies; now it's back and loved by HIPsters.

It goes without saying that this tent has more to offer than its beautiful body.
The tent is 3.88 meters long and is divided by a tent cloth into two separate rooms. So it has two fully-fledged bedrooms. Both rooms have their own zip for leaving the tent, which will come in handy to preserve the "peace & love" between you and your tent mates. Viva privacy!

With a height of 1.83 meters the tent is perfect for those a little taller. You'll be able to stand up straight inside the tent and your back will definitely be grateful!

The tent will protect you from the elements, even under extreme weather conditions. The roof has an impermeability of 3000 mm and the partitions have an impermeability of 1000 mm. In comparison: the tents of the British army have an impermeability of 800 mm. The stitched-in ground sheet is also waterproof.

Your Summer of Love can't go wrong with this tent!

PS: if you're going to San Francisco, don't forget to wear flowers in your hair!

More Info

  • This product is NOT a real VW van!
  • Scale 1:1 = the same size as the original T1 Camper Van (1965)
  • Official Volkswagen licence
  • Plenty of room to sleep four adults comfortably
  • The VW Camper Tent is perfect for families, groups of friends and festival-goers
  • Twee, double rooms separated by a zip
  • Doors open just like the real T1 Camper Van
  • Winner of the Licensing Awards in 2011
  • 300cm x 100cm waterproof ground sheet sewn in to the inside of the tent
  • Weight: approximately 12.5 kg
  • Tent
  • Tent poles
  • Lines and pegs
  • Manual
  • Exterior: approximately 398 x 187 x 155 cm (l x h x w)
  • Interior: approximately 388 x 182.5 x 145 cm (l x h x w)
  • In packaging: approximately 85 x 35 x 35 cm (l x h x w)