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DIY Music Box

Start making your own tunes

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An old-fashioned music box: pure and utter nostalgia. Turning a tiny crank suddenly creates these delightful tunes. But once you know how the mechanism works, it's actually child's play to compose your own songs.

By punching holes into a paper strip, you can manipulate pins of varying length. And a different length of course equals a different pitch. It's a very basic principle, but often the most basic things offer the most hours of fun. The music box comes with an easy hole puncher, 14 empty paper strips and 16 pre-punched tunes.

More Info

  • Metal 15-note music box with crank
  • Punch holes into the paper to create your own songs
  • Includes easy hole puncher
  • Comes with clear instruction manual
  • Click here for online assistance
  • Perfect gift for music lovers of all ages
  • Comes with 14 empty and 16 pre-punched paper strips
  • Pre-punched songs include: Memory Song, We Wish You A Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday, Ode To Joy, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, London Bridge Is Falling Down, Music Box Dancer, Du Lieber Augustin, Forever, It´s A Small World, Brahms Lullaby, Deck the Halls, Doggy In The Window
Dimensions: 10cm(L) × 5cm(W) × 2.5cm(H)