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Leaf Cable Tie-Wrap

The natural Tie-wrap

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What do you call a tie-wrap? A ladder strip, cable binder, bundle band, binding band, Coulson band, strip, a lashing band... It doesn't really matter; they often come in extremely handy. They're everywhere: for binding cables, to help you identify your luggage, to support young plants... Even though you see them everywhere, that doesn't mean they're not ugly. That's why we've added this extremely fun touch to the boring tie-wrap.

Our Leaf Ties have all the functionalities of a regular cable binder (strong, permanent, safe, weather-proof) in combination with a leaf at the top.

More Info

  • Set of 12 Leaf Tie-Wraps
  • Add a natural touch to objects
  • Brighten up your favourite possessions
Dimensions: 14.6cm(L)