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Peropon the Drinking Flower Pot

Licking cutie with a funny face

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A bit of green in the home always works wonders. An effect that is greatly intensified with these hyper-cute pet/plant combinations. Is it a walking flower? A green-eared cat? Whatever it is, it's a great gift to brighten any place!

The cat or dog drinks for two, because the plant they're carrying on their back also needs some water. Place the included dish in front of their face and put their thirsty tongue in the water. This way, you'll never have to water your plants again: just fill up the dish when it's empty.

The first step is preparing the soil, of course. Fill the little pot with the potting soil and add a tablespoon of water. Add the seeds when the soil has swelled. The dog comes with clover seeds, the cat with wild strawberries.

Both beastly flower pots originate in Japan and represent what the Japanese call Kawaii, meaning "sweet and cute". You can often recognise this style by the huge eyes, bright colours and general cuddle-appeal. Other well-known examples include Pokemon and Hello Kitty.

More Info

  • Peropon animal plant pot with clever water supply
  • The cute pink tongue waters the plant
  • Includes potting soil and seeds
  • Includes drinking dish
  • Materials animal shapes: ceramic
  • User manual with clear instruction pictures
  • Diameter flower pot opening: approx. 3.5cm
  • Flower pot: approx. 3cm high, Diameter approx. 4cm or 2.5cm, respectively
  • Dish: approx. 2cm high, Diameter approx. 6,5cm
  • Tongue: approx. 5cm(L) x 2cm(W)
  • Includes wild strawberry seeds
  • Weight (incl. flower pot): approx. 125 grams
  • Dimensions: approx. 6.5 x 4.5 x 4 cm
  • Includes clover seeds
  • Weight (incl. flower pot): approx. 135 gram
  • Dimensions: approx. 7.5 x 5 x 4 cm